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Your customers are looking for you.

Stop missing them.

Your Menu, Online

Get your menu onto the web so your customers know what to expect before they ever pick up the phone or make it to your front door.

With Comero, you've also got the option to enable online takeout ordering. Contactless ordering and a modern takeout system anyone?

Modern Design

Comero has gone through the work of making your site reflect the best parts of your physical space. Our design features the best in both form and function.

We'll make sure your site's design stays modern, clean, and a dazzling, digital representative of your restaurant.

Ease of Use

Updating your website has never been easier. Our interface is simpler than Wordpress, Wix, or any other content manager you may have tried before.

We know you want a site that keeps up with your business without adding another difficult item to your to-do list. We're keeping it no-sweat for you.

Comero In Action

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How It Works

Step 1: Contact Us 📞

Let us know you want to create your restaurant’s shiny, new web presence and we’ll do the heavy lifting of setting you up. We'll handle your domain setup, DNS configuration, and get things working behind the scenes.

Step 2: Setup 🔨

We create the platform for your website. Creating a layout, making sure things look pretty, and all the other big stuff we will have done for you. We'll even get the magic internet gnomes put into a row and working for you for the best performance the web has to offer.

Step 3: Make it Yours ✍🏼

Edit your restaurant’s content and it will show up on your website formatted and laid out as beautiful as you always wanted it. Your menu, hours, address, phone number, your restaurant - on the web. In about 15 minutes of your time, your restaurant will have the website it deserves.


Subscription: $50/month

Unlimited content updates, our fastest servers, and our support if you ever need it. We know you’ll end up with more than $50 of orders per month coming directly from your website to cover your costs!

Online Ordering: $1/order

The cheapest that online takeout ordering could possibly be. Your customer creates their order, pays, and shows up at their door ready to get out with your delicious offerings. Simple as that.

Get Started

The Comero software platform is developed and maintained by Shewperman Web & Software Development. To find out more, visit the Shewperman website.